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Dr. Martin Ngom


Dr. Martin Ngom, (pronounced “gom”), joined Hope Academy Northcoast in 2016 with over 25 years of experience working in education as a teacher and school leader. Originally from West Africa, Dr. Ngom holds multiple degrees including double bachelor’s degrees, associate’s, and master’s degrees in education from universities in England, West Africa, and the US, including an interdisciplinary PhD in Urban Leadership, Education, and Sociology from the University of Missouri. Dr. Ngom has held numerous positions including principal, teacher, vice principal, program administrator, and chief academic officer at charter schools and at public school districts such as the Kansas City Missouri School District, Longan French Magnet School, and Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology. While principal at Longan, he led the school to achieve Annual Yearly Progress for two years, the highest academic performance measurement in the state of Missouri. During his time at BBCAT, the school gained accreditation under his leadership. Dr. Ngom is fluent in English and French.

Ms. Rochelle Karyou

Featured Teacher

Ms. Rochelle Karyou has been working in the field of education for over twenty years as teacher and administrator. Prior to coming to Northcoast, she held positions such as executive director and principal of a private elementary school as well as director of an early childhood program located in Philadelphia, PA. In her role as a 4th grade teacher, Ms. Karyou’s goals are to create an environment in which the students may thrive, both academically and socially. She wishes to build confident scholars that can add value to their respective communities. Ms. Karyou believes that this can only be done by building a rapport with the students and their families. She achieves this by relying on her multicultural educational background and through building strong relationships with teachers and staff in her school community.

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